Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please be patient as Restaurants and Takeout Guys work hard to coordinate your orders.  Restaurants are experiencing higher than normal call volume and daily changes due to Covid.  TIMES MAY FLUCTUATE. 

1. How much is delivery? 
Delivery fees for in-zone areas are $5.99 for online orders per restaurant.  

2. What about tips?
Our drivers use their own vehicles and gas. They work hard to ensure that your meal is delivered to you promptly and professionally. As with all food service wait staff, they rely on tips as their major source of income. The entire delivery process for them from start to finish can take up to one hour.  They will drive in the rain, snow and cold so you may dine from the restaurant of your choice, in the comfort of your home, office or hotel. A 20% gratuity is added on all orders to ensure our drivers are compensated for their hard work.

3. When should I order?
Orders may be placed at anytime between the hours of 8:00am to 8:45pm / Mon-Sun.  For group orders, please order 24 hours in advance to allow restaurants to prepare.  Delivery times average between 30 - 60 minutes but CAN VARY based on weather, traffic and how busy restaurants are in-house.

4. Can I place an order for a future time?
YES! We recommend placing an Advanced Order to help ensure your desired delivery time. Advanced orders can be placed online up to 30 days before desired delivery time. In the Place Your Order window on the main home screen, below where it says delivery time: ASAP Choose or schedule a delivery in advance to place a future order.This will allow you to choose a day and time for your delivery. Advanced orders must be paid for in advance using credit card payment.  **If you pre-order for dinner time on Friday, Saturday or Sundays, there may be delays because of restaurants being busy during those times.**

5. How many restaurants can I order from at one time?
You may order from as many restaurants as you wish, however, a separate delivery fee will be added for each restaurant ($5.99 for the next restaurant pick up). Please keep in mind that orders from more than one restaurant may arrive at different times from separate drivers.

6. What are your hours?
Monday - Sunday: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for Portsmouth, Newington, Greenland, New Castle, Rye, Stratham, Eliot, Kittery, Kittery Point, South Berwick, York Village.

Monday - Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for Exeter, Epping, Brentwood, Kensington, Hampton, North Hampton, Hampton Falls, Newfields, Newmarket, North Hampton, Seabrook, Stratham, Dover, Somersworth, Rollinsford, Madbury, Durham, Rochester, Berwick, South Berwick, and Eliot.

7. When should I order in advance?
We recommend scheduling breakfast the day before desired time. We recommend that you schedule lunch and dinner orders 3 hours in advance. You may schedule delivery by:
(1) Clicking schedule a delivery in advance underneath desired delivery time on the main screen

(2) Choose date

(3) Choose time

**If you preorder later than our recommended schedule, we CANNOT guarantee your exact time as restaurants may be busy.**

8. When will my food arrive?
Over 95% of our orders are delivered within the hour. In fact, over 75% are delivered in 45 minutes. To make sure your delivery is timely and we meet your expectations, once you select your restaurant at the top of the menu on the left (FOR DELIVERY A.S.A.P.) CHANGE  and select the time you would like your order delivered and if we cannot deliver within 15 minutes of your request we will contact you.

The following are reasons for the Other 5%:

  • Traffic - Ordering from a far restaurant requiring use of highway at rush hour.

  • Peak Times - Ordering from a restaurant at 6 pm with a 45 minute wait for a table on a Friday or Saturday.

  • Major Events - Ordering on Holidays such Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day or during the Super Bowl or Playoffs may result in an untimely delivery.

  • Distance - If the restaurant is 30 minutes from your house that will result in untimely delivery.

  • Weather - Rain, snow and ice will slow our service down depending on the severity. If you don't want to leave the house, chances are there are many people feeling the same way.

  • Restaurants - Restaurants can run behind because they are busy in-house which will lead to your delivery time being longer.

Please remember our intentions are to make you happy!  The more notice we have the more happy you will be.

9. Will my food arrive to me fresh?
Absolutely! We submit your order to the restaurant for preparation based on the availability of your self-employed delivery professional. This means that your order begins being prepared only when we have coordinated with the driver and that they are on their way to the restaurant to pick it up. Your order goes immediately into a specialized thermal insulated catering bag to keep it hot and fresh, and then it is delivered directly to you. You couldn't get it hotter if you went to get it yourself!

10. How do I pay?
We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. Our delivery professionals do not carry more than $20 in change. Credit cards are processed on our secure site at the time of your order.

11. What about drinks and plasticware?
We can provide you with individual 20 oz bottles, or 2 liters. We also offer Energy drink products. Plasticware can also be provided if specified in the order notes.

12. Can I use restaurant coupons?
We're sorry, but no. Our participating restaurants still want to serve you in person for those nights out. So save those coupons for a top quality, complete service, in house meal.

13. What do you do with information you collect from me?
Your privacy is our primary concern and we will never share your information with any outside person or entity. We store only needed personal information for order completion and direct contact in our secure and private database. So remember your password. **We Do Not Know Your Password. If you cannot remember your password, you will have to start a new account.**

14. What else do I need to know?
Restaurants menus and prices are set by the restaurant and subject to change.  There may be upcharges on requests per restaurant. **Orders cannot be cancelled once placed unless time delivery is very late**.  Once you place your order, it is immediately called in and restaurants are quick to make it to ensure delivery time, there fore cancellation is not an option if not done so immediately.  Call us immediately at 207-451-5858 or use Chat on our website, for faster response, if the restaurant has incorrectly packaged your order to schedule a re-delivery or to receive credit. We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion. Thank You for your business.

15. What if I don't see my favorite restaurant?
Let the owner or manager know that you would like their food to be available for delivery to you through TakeoutGuys.biz.

16. What if I am not satisfied with the service or meals?
Note: All sales are final.
We will make every effort to make sure you are satisfied with our service and your meal.
We require all participating restaurants to package your meals according to your order. Our delivery professional will NOT open the packaging but will check the reciept to verify accuracy of your meal. Our delivery professionals are fully screened and are fully insured.  Please contact our office with any complaints or concerns.

***Please note***  

*We do not make the food.  We CANNOT control how the restaurant prepares your food.  When we verify your order, it is done so with the restaurant.  Our drivers CANNOT open any packages for liability reasons. 

*We CANNOT control when a restaurant opens or closes.  We rely on them to notify us if they close.  If they are open on our site and they are closed, it is because we were NOT notified.

*We CANNOT guarantee delivery tracker during peak hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We have to rely on the restaurants timing.






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Lunch Hours

Mon thru Sun8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.

Dinner Hours

Mon thru Sun4:00p.m. - 9:00p.m.


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